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Deal Simplicity

Power your deal process with Ten Eight automation

Ready to save time and utilize superior data to close more deals?

Great Things are Coming Your Way!

As you may know, Ten Eight was acquired by RealNex in 2014. We have been working hard and are now ready to take the next
step in providing the most comprehensive solution for commercial real estate professionals. Very soon RealNex will be launching
our new portal. What does this mean for you?

  • No changes will be made to your Ten Eight account. You will still have access to the same great service with
    all of your data.
  • When you go to Ten Eight to login or browse the website, you will be automatically redirected to the RealNex portal.
    From the RealNex portal you login the same way you have
    been logging in
Prior to the launch date, you will be provided additional information via email. Please stay tuned and check your email for
additional info. If you have questions, be sure to contact us at 949-646-3151 or email us at support@realnex.com
To learn more about RealNex, click here
For Tenant Rep Brokers

  • Engage clients from start to finish
  • Interactive online deal war room to keep clients organized
  • Automate collection of property information for initial property surveys
  • Produce electronic or paper tour book in minutes
  • Take photos on tour, access building information, and take property notes
  • Rate buildings for systematic approach of choosing short list
For Landlord Brokers

  • Automate leasing activity reports
  • Update all listing availabilities on just one platform
  • Mirror owner’s current reports
  • Market directly to tenant rep brokers
  • Deliver marketing flyers and floor plans
    from any device, at any time
  • Produce market analytics
For Brokers that do Both

  • Run all deals on one platform
  • Engage owner clients and tenant rep clients with one system
For Owners

  • Real-time access to leasing activity, deal status, and deal docs
  • Online war room for all deal specific information
  • Review building analytics along with market analytics